4 Chrome Extensions Every Social Media Enthusiast Should Know

By October 28, 2011 Social Media, Suggestions

Google Chrome 15, the newest version of the Chrome web browser was released earlier today.

Its no secret – my life would crumble without Google.  And though I haven’t come to rely on Google’s web browser as I have some of its other tools, I have developed a deep appreciation for it.

As a Google junkie, I love to explore and test the different tools Google Chrome has to offer, and some of the best tools come from its huge selection of extensions. Though not all of the extensions I’ve tried have blown me away, here are a few extensions I as a Social Media Strategist couldn’t live without.


Hootsuite is an integral part of my social media management toolbox. It allows me to monitor and update each of my client’s twitter feeds simultaneously.

A huge part of managing a client’s twitter account is updating it with relevant content. These updates often contain links that their followers would be interested in. Here’s where the Hootsuite extension comes in. Rather than copying the link and pasting it into Hootsuite, the extension allows you to tweet the link through Hootsuite without leaving the page or copying any URLs.

Simply click on the Hootsuite extension button in the top right corner of your browser, select the appropriate twitter account, type your message, and tweet!

While Hootsuite allows you to quickly share or schedule content to be shared, ocasionally, you’ll want to save content to share or schedule later. This is where Evernote comes in.  Evernote is a great tool for saving and organizing links, images, ideas, notes, and almost anything else you can think of.

Like the Hootsuite extension, the Evernote extension allows you to save content to Evernote without leaving the page. Again, simply click on the Evernote extension button, clip the desired content, add a description, tags, notes, etc. and continue browsing as usual. When you want to return to the content, again, open the Evernote extension, find the content and open it from there.

Even with Hootsuite and Evernote helping me keep my tabs organized, I am notorious for having an excessive number of tabs open. Hey, when you’re managing several social media accounts, you have be a good juggler. Unfortunately, I don’t always work from the same computer. Sure, I could open each tab one-by-one, but with the TabCloud extension, I don’t have to.

TabCloud saves groups of tabs so you can quickly access them from any computer. Simply click on the TabCloud extension and hit the save icon next to any open tab grouping you’d like to save. Then, when you move computers, open tab cloud and click on the tab group quickly open all saved tabs.

I wrote on this tool not too long ago, so I will be brief. InboxQ is a great tool for establishing yourself as an expert in a certain field on Twitter by helping you find people asking questions you are able to answer. The inboxQ extension makes finding questions fast and easy. For more on InboxQ, see my blog post on earning tweet-cred with questions.

What’s your favorite

Though I consider myself a Google junkie, I know I’ve only scratched the surface on useful extensions. What’s your favorite Chrome extension?

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