3 Ways to Generate a Strong Twitter Presence

By November 1, 2011 Social Media

People use Twitter for a variety of different reasons. Companies want to establish brand awareness, celebrities want to promote themselves and college students want to share their every move.  Whether it is for personal use or your business, Twitter is a great platform for creating conversations.

From a business perspective, creating a strong Twitter presence can be tough starting out. There are some easy tips to follow that can help you establish your brand and get people talking about you (in a good way, of course!)

Twitter has been around for about three years now, and has skyrocketed to where is it now. Some companies might be afraid that it is too late to jump on the Twitter wagon, but in reality the amount of time you have been a member on Twitter is irrelevant. People that joined Twitter right when it got started may think they have a better advantage than the people who are just now signing up. The time isn’t what matters, it’s about the conversation you are creating. It doesn’t take three years to build up a following and finally reach the point where people are engaging with you. It could take three days if you have something worth talking about.

Updating your Twitter every five minutes telling people that you just brushed your teeth is not going to motivate people to follow you. You must engage with them, not yourself. People will be more interested in how you can contribute to their social presence rather than read about what you do on a daily basis.

When it comes to Twitter, quantity is not better than quality. Although tweets do come and go quickly, it doesn’t mean that you need to send 3,000 tweets a day just to get seen. People will remember you more if you tweet about something interesting rather than blowing up their twitter feed with constant tweets. By repeatedly tweeting non-stop it can turn users away and cause them to unfollow you, because they quite frankly are annoyed and have had too much. Don’t set a goal of sending X amount of tweets per day. Your goal to get a stronger Twitter presence should be to tweet quality content each day that people will be interested in. However, there is nothing wrong with tweeting often if the content is great.


The type of people you follow back can reflect what kind of Twitter user your company is. Don’t just follow back users who you think are “important.” People of importance may be considered as celebrities and big shots in your industry. These big wigs have so many followers and get so many tweets each day that it is unlikely they will notice you as a follower. The average user who is interested in your company is a better option for who to follow, because they recognize you are following them back and are more likely to join in on your conversation.

A red flag can pop up when you have hundreds or thousands of followers, but you only follow 10 people back. This can show that you aren’t interested in the conversation and just want to gain a lot of followers. It is good to have a pretty even amont of follwers and people you follow. Twitter is a two-way conversation, so don’t just expect to get replies, make sure you reply back too.

There is no actual science when it comes to Twitter and how to create a strong presence, but if you build an identity and stay true to that people will follow.

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