3 Reasons Why Foursquare’s New Radar Rocks

By October 18, 2011 Local, Social Media

Foursquare was designed to help people get to know the world around them a little better. It allows you to check in, get tips about places you visit, keep up with friends and get discounts. With a new feature called Radar, it allows users to go beyond just checking in. This new feature became available last week and can be used with the new iOS 5 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Radar allows you to connect with the outside world now more than ever before. So here are 3 reasons why Radar rocks–

1. If you follow a List, Radar will alert you when you are close to something on your list. Say you follow the Man v. Food List, it will alert you when you are nearby places that Food Network’s star Adam Richman suggests. If you are looking for some good lists to follow, you can tap the ‘Lists’ button and choose the suggested lists that are based on what else your friends and people in your community follow. If you are visiting a new city you can search for Foursquare Lists in whichever new city you are going to. This allows users to find places in a city that they are unfamiliar with.

2. If you have a long To-Do List with lots of different new things you want to try, Radar will let you know when you are near one of the places you’ve been meaning to try. It essentially reminds you about things that you have been meaning to do, but maybe forgot about or have just been to busy to get around to it. If you are wandering around and see a place you might want to check out in the future you can simply find the place you are interested in and tap the ‘+ SAVE’ tab. Next time you’re nearby, Radar will alert you.

3. Get alerts when your Friends are nearby. If you are driving by a place where three or more of your friends are checked in, Radar will alert you where they are and you can meet up with them. It allows you to see what your friends are up to and help you decide where you might want to go.

This new feature rocks because it lets you know about things around you that you may have never noticed before. Foursquare is constantly evolving and helping users discover new places.

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