The 3 Most Talked About Super Bowl Moments

By February 4, 2013 News

If you were like the millions of people across the world, you spent your Sunday evening eating lots of food and watching some football. Sunday was the biggest sports day of the year, where everyone gathers with family and friends, eats a ton of food, watches funny commercials, and see who comes out as champion in the NFL. And like every year, there are way more things than just football that everyone is talking about the next day around the water cooler.

First of all, last nights Super Bowl was the most watched Super Bowl ever – which is saying a lot. Not only it was it the most watched, but it was also one of the most talked about events across social media platforms. Here are the three most talked about moments from last nights Super Bowl:

1. The Power Outage. Did anyone else think that it was done on purpose to make the game a little more exciting?? The fist half was a bit of a yawn. The power outage was the second most talked about event from yesterdays Super Bowl on Twitter with 231,500 Tweets Per Minute. It was the 3rd most talked about moment on Facebook. That 30 minute delay really put a damper on the game, but luckily when the power came back on, the game got a lot more exciting!

Power going out at the Super Bowl

2. Beyonce’s Halftime Performance. Not surprisingly, Beyonce’s half time performance was one of the most talked about moments from the night. It received 268,000 Tweets Per Minute, making it the most talked about moment on Twitter, and was the second most talked about moment on Facebook. The most talked about moment of her halftime performance, was the reunion of the group Destiny’s Child. This was by far my favorite moment of the Super Bowl, that girl can dance!

Beyonce & Destiny’s Child

3. The Ravens Winning. Of course the whole reason why there is a super bowl in the first place is to see who wins the big game, and this year the Ravens took the cake. The 2nd half (luckily for the NFL) ended up being pretty exciting to watch and it was a close game with the Raven’s prevailing in the end. When the clock expired in the 4th quarter there were 183,000 Tweets Per Minute talking about the Ravens win, and it was the most talked about moment on Facebook – beating out both Beyonce and the power outage.

The Raven’s Win!

The other big winner of the night had to of been Twitter. They were mentioned in half of the 52 ad’s that ran during the Super Bowl, far more than any of their competitors (Facebook was only mentioned in 4). And, this Super Bowl was the most tweeted about Super Bowl in the history of Twitter.

The big loser of the night was Go Daddy. There was just too much noise in that commercial! I know that I, and everyone I was with was really grossed out. And twitter just confirmed my thoughts with the majority of the people I follow also extremely grossed out. Bad move by Go Daddy, thats for sure!

It was another successful Super Bowl, and I cant wait to see what sorts of surprises next years game has in store for us.





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