CitySearch (CityGrid):
Citysearch partners with InfoUSA for local business data. They offer an Express Update service that allows merchants to update their listing data as well as add new businesses. Once you’ve added your business please allow 1 – 2 months for the information to be on Citysearch.

How do I add my business to
You can find them at

How to Claim a Business:
Use this link:


  • Search for your business by entering your business name and zip code. Then click “Find my Business”.
  • Click “Claim This Business” below your business
  • You will need to claim via business telephone #

Logging into your account:
if you cannot login via then login via CityGrid using this link:

  • If your business is not verified by phone yet, then as soon as you login it will ask you to verify it by phone and it will not let you do anything further until you verify the business by phone.

To Contact Support: Email: [email protected]
Call Support: (800) 611-4827 – hours are: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Time