Teamwork is Clix’s project management and collaboration hub. It serves multiple purposes.

First and foremost, the majority of all messages pertaining to a client’s campaign feed through here. This gives Clix the opportunity to store and reference old messages and collaborate internally on new messages so the appropriate team member answers quickly and accurately.

teamwork message

Secondly, Teamwork integrates with email and Google Drive, where we document work that is completed on a monthly basis. The core benefit behind email integration is the “one-click response”. Rather than logging into Teamwork to respond to a message, clients can simply view the email in their inbox and click reply. The reply will post directly to the message’s feed in Teamwork and notify all Clix team members right away. Communicating through Teamwork is much more advantageous than emailing individuals at Clix.

Finally, campaign details and files are stored in Teamwork. Centralizing resources has never been this easy!

Teamwork Files